June 2015 Student of the Month

02 Jun

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KD Student of the Month

Jo Cooey

June 2015 

1) Discuss your career goals and why you targeted the Kelley School MBA program and how it will help it help you reach your goals. 

Two years ago, I was a Director at a medium-sized business, and I had hit an advancement ceiling. I felt that I wasn’t learning or growing, and there was no one within the company from whom I could learn. I knew that the company could be more effective, but I didn’t have the formal education to back my arguments, so I decided to pursue my MBA. The Kelley School of Business was recommended by a colleague, and after visiting campus and meeting current students, faculty and staff, I knew it was the right place for me.

Two years in, I’ve not only filled in the gaps in my education, but I’ve experienced tremendous personal and professional growth as a result of my experiences at Kelley. I’ve improved my networking skills, forced myself out of my introverted comfort zone, and learned as much from my classmates as I have from my professors. In the last term of my MBA, I’ve landed a position as VP of IT and Operations for a turn-around tech company, and I’m absolutely positive that I couldn’t have accomplished that without having been shaped by my experiences at Kelley.

2) Discuss your involvement with the Women in Business Association and the benefits of the organization. 

I’m extremely passionate about gender equality and the issues that women face in the workplace, especially in management/executive positions and within male-dominated fields. I want to bring awareness to those issues within the Kelley community and provide a place for my classmates to learn from and lean on one another. Throughout the year, my amazing executive leadership team (Paige Russell, Melanie Forrest, Sarah Couch & Melissa Dylan) and I have worked to provide a forum for discussing issues and providing support, education and empowerment to our classmates. The experience is one I will always remember and be grateful for.

3) Describe your interest in leadership and the Kelley School.

I’ve always been someone who takes the lead in things, and coming to the Kelley School and meeting so many like-minded and talented individuals has been eye-opening. I honestly didn’t come in planning to get involved in any associations. I heard there was a Women’s MBA Association, and I thought it sounded fun, so I signed up. After a year of membership, I thought I could really make an impact by running for President. My hope is that I’ve helped, inspired or connected at least one person and made a difference in someone’s time at Kelley.

4) What you suggest to others to do while in the program? 

If you take away one thing, let it be this: get involved in the KDLSA. Whether you choose a role on the KDSLA or a leadership role in one of the associations, you’ll make so many more meaningful connections and work with incredibly talented, dedicated and inspiring individuals. You’ll have the opportunity to make a difference, and the rewards far outweigh the sacrifices.

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