About KDSLA, For the Students by the Students:

The Kelley Direct Student Leadership Association (KDSLA) is a network of student leaders who serve as representatives of the Kelley Direct community and provide opportunities for student involvement. The SLA serves as a liaison between the Kelley Direct Student Body and faculty and administrators, as well as other organizations within the Kelley School of Business. The SLA also serves as advocate to promote student involvement and student leadership initiatives.

KDSLA consists of a student annually elected governing board, eight associations and the Mentorship Program.  Becoming a leader or member of student associations, provide you with an opportunity to develop your organizational and leadership skills, be a mentor, or strengthen your network.

With KDSLA, you have the opportunity to connect with peers who share your interests by getting involved in a Kelley Direct student organization or association. Join a current group, be a mentor for new students, or start your own organization. You’ll gain an opportunity to hone your leadership skills and strengthen your business network.

How to get involved:

As a KD student, you have the opportunity to join an existing KDSLA association and/or run and serve for an elected leadership position.  Elections are held annually in the June and is a commitment of an annual term August-August, including a one month transition period to the next leader.

Current Kelley Direct student associations you can join include:

  • Consulting Association
  • Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Association
  • Finance and Investment Association
  • Healthcare Industry Association
  • Marketing Association
  • Mentorship Program
  • Supply Chain Management Association
  • Veteran’s Association
  • Women in Business Association

KDSLA Mission:

Support associations initiatives and be a liaison between students and administrators.

KDSLA Vision:

Provide Kelley Direct students with opportunities to connect and exchange ideas outside of the classroom experience.

General Questions: 

Please email kdsla@kdsla.com, contact a KDSLA leader directly, or sign up online with your association of interest.

Additional Information:

KD Code of Conduct Kelley Direct Student Handbook

KD Code of Conduct


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