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Advocate to continuously improve the Kelley Direct program by becoming an executive officer in the Kelley Direct Consulting Association (KDCA)! The 2014-2015 KDCA Executive Team successfully lobbied to improve accessibility and career guidance by the Graduate Career Services as well as the institutionalization of the Consulting Pathway – to aid students in their career transition. This is just one of the many benefits of being a Kelley Direct student. Phil Powell, our Kelley Direct Faculty Chair, talks about this in a recent Poets and Quants interview. Phil explains how the students add value, thereby helping to make the Kelley Direct program #1 on US News & World Report’s Best Online MBA and MS Programs.


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Please familiarize yourself with the KDCA Constitution, which contains information on “active membership,” selection of executive officers, and a description of each position’s duties and responsibilities. Below is an excerpt from the KDCA Constitution regarding the Selection of Officers.


Article IV – Officers

Section 1: Selection of Officers

Interested candidates should submit an application (see “KDCA Executive Officer Application” for details) and references (see “KDCA Executive Officer Academic Reference Survey” for details) from two different professors endorsing the candidate for the position.  Election of Executive Board officers will require a majority vote from the Association members.  If a candidate fails to receive a majority of votes, a run-off election will be held between the two top candidates who received the most votes.  Elections will be held in February and newly elected or incumbent officer(s) will transition into (or continue) their roles in March to coincide with the start of the Consulting Pathway.  Subsequent elections will take place in August with either the newly elected or incumbent officer(s) beginning (continuing) their service in September.

The term of office will depend on the position held. For example, the Association president and vice president positions will be held for no less than 1-year (starting in March).  All other positions will be held for no less than 6-months on a rolling basis.  Together, the officers shall comprise the Executive Board.

This Executive Board can also appoint other chairs if required through a majority vote (of said Executive Board).  The Executive Board shall meet every month on an agreed upon day and time.  If officers do not comply with the purposes or responsibilities entrusted to them, their position may be revoked, by a majority vote of the Executive Board.  The officer then holds the right to present their case in front of the whole organization to maintain their position through a majority vote.

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