Operations & Supply Chain Management



The Kelley Direct Operations and Supply Chain Management Association (KDOSCMA) is focused on providing members and their respective networks an opportunity to gain, enhance, broaden, and improve knowledge of operations and supply chain management for both professional and personal use.



To create an organization where innovation and creative strategy will thrive. To bring individuals from all areas of the operations and supply chain world together to share success stories, converse on current problems, debate on present day supply chain issues, and to learn from individual experiences while developing the community and the market for future operations and supply chain management professionals.


  1. Expose members to a career in operations and supply chain management and provide the opportunity to interact with current professionals to broaden their knowledge base.
  2. Create an environment for individual development, industry specific current event discussions, and forums on job related challenges in the operations and supply chain management market.
  3. Interact with member networks to create opportunities for new industry exposure, undergraduate outreach and development, and career advancement.


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