Finance History

The KD Finance and Investment Association has gone through several rebuilding periods before taking its current shape. Each year the KD F&I Association has been focusing on refining its offerings to best suit Kelley Direct students interested in post-MBA finance positions. Through consultation with faculty and staff during the 2014-2015 academic year it was determined that the KD F&I Association should tailor its emphasis to corporate finance while continuing to educate and enrich students in other “high finance” disciplines.

Association Leadership by Academic Year

2014 -2015 Academic Year

President – William R. R. Moon
Vice President – Tyler Benson
Vice President, Finance – Steven Burnside
Vice President, Operations – Ryan Waring
Vice President, Technology – Natassia Hakim
Vice President, Marketing – Steven Rochowiak
Vice President, Communications – Colin Powers
Vice President, Membership – Steven Burnside (acting)

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