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Welcome to the KDCA Consulting Connection, KDCA’s bimonthly newsletter. This is an initiative of the KDCA 2015-2016 leadership team to keep our members updated about KDCA activities, and the consulting industry.

In Volume I, Issue I of KDCA CC, you will find important information regarding the purpose of the KDCA CC, nature of the content that our members can expect to see in the newsletters, and how our members can contribute to make KDCA CC Kelley Business School’s best student-sponsored newsletter.

In the KDCA CC template, you will see the organization of our typical newsletter. This your newsletter – prepared for and by you. We encourage all our members to submit articles relative to the selected theme for each issue of the KDCA CC.

Finally, we would like to hear more from you and get your feedback. Any questions/comments regarding this newsletter may be emailed to KDCANews@KDSLA.com.

Hope you enjoy reading KDCA Consulting Connection as much as we’ve enjoyed publishing the newsletter for you.

Thank you!

KDCA Leadership Team


Date Link Description  Newsletter Theme
 04/01/2015 KDCA CC Template  KDCA CC Template Not Applicable
04/01/2015 Volume I, Issue I  Volume I, Issue I General (No Theme)
06/01/2015 Volume I Issue II Volume I, Issue II Leadership
08/01/2015 Volume I Issue III Volume I, Issue III KD Special Projects
01/20/2016 Volume II Issue I Volume II, Issue I General
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