History of the KDCA

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KDCA started to find its roots in 2013 when Howard Remmich, Tim Hatfield, Jeremiah Fuller and Joey Paglinawan began their quest to transition careers into consulting. They found it difficult to achieve their career goals. This was partly due to the fact that the KD program traditionally catered to those professionals who were only interested in moving up the proverbial career ladder within their current companies. Yet, the student population was (and is) continuously shifting with the times. In fact, the career switcher segment was rapidly growing and needed much more, in terms of structure, to thrive.

In the spring of 2013, the founders made several unsuccessful attempts to access the resources of the Graduate Career Services (GCS) and on-campus Consulting Academy with the hopes of getting the knowledge they sought. Unfortunately, the school was undergoing a renaissance at the time and resources were limited. This included the GCS department, which did not have a dedicated advisor to the KD program. Frustrated but determined, Joey ran for office and was subsequently elected to serve as the VP of IT on the fledgling KD Student Leadership Association (KDSLA), where he set out to make some positive changes to the KD program. In parallel, Joey, Howard, Tim and Jeremiah decided to form the Kelley Direct Consulting Club (Note: the name was changed to Kelley Direct Consulting Association in Q1 2015 for administrative purposes). Their goal was to help students, like themselves, learn more about the consulting industry and eventually help each other successfully make the career transition.

Founding a club was not unlike founding a startup. The KDCC needed a strong structure to build a foundation upon which to grow. 2013 was a long and arduous road for the KDCC. Without the resources and guidance of the KD program, GCS or the Consulting Academy, the future looked bleak. The executive team was steadfast in their quest to build a strategic relationship with the KD program and the GCS. Their persistence eventually paid off. In the summer of 2014, the GCS created a new advisor role that was strictly dedicated to the KD program. Moreover, the KDCC executive team successfully laid the foundation of the club and, with the help of the KD program, reached their primary goal of institutionalizing the Consulting Pathway in January 2015.

Today the KDCA continues to build upon the groundbreaking work of its founding members by continuing to push the boundaries of what a virtual environment can offer.

The new leadership team, led by Leonel Robles, took over in February 2015 and has been working hard to continue to build the excellent organization they inherited. Over the last couple of months, they have been working on helping the administration tweak the Consulting Pathway into the leading program it has become. While there is still a lot of work to be done, the future is bright for those students interested in careers in consulting and pursuing the Consulting Pathway.

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