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Date Link Description
 9/3/2014 Case Interview Demo #1  Case interview demo with professor John Wisneski
ChinaAuto Market Expansion  Case interview demo #1 documents
 ChinaAuto Case  Case interview demo #1 documents
 9/29/2014 Case Interview Demo #2  Case interview demo with professor John Wisneski
Mr. Grille Sample Structure  Case interview demo #2 documents
Mr. Grille Data Sheet  Case interview demo #2 documents
 12/15/2014 Member Meeting  2nd member meeting of 2014 since foundation of Association was established by 2014-2015 executive team. Discussion of Association achievements to date. Introduction to newly institutionalized Consulting Pathway (2015)
 2/18/2015 Survey Results KDCA club survey results
 2/25/2015  The Consultant’s Toolkit Webinar  Watch “The Consultant’s Toolkit” presented by Joey Paglinawan
  2/25/2015  The Consultant’s Toolkit – Webinar  PPT deck from the Consultant’s Toolkit webinar presented by Joey Paglinawan



Date Link Description
1/15/2015 KDCA EMA&M 1-11-15  Executive meeting minutes
1/25/2015 KDCA-EMAM-1-25-15  Executive meeting minutes
2/1/2015 KDCA-EMAM-2-1-2015  Executive meeting minutes
2/8/2015 KDCA-EMAM-2-8-2015  Executive meeting minutes
2/15/2015 Executive Officer Meeting 2_15_15  Executive meeting minutes
2/22/2015 Executive Officer Meeting_2_22_15  Executive meeting minutes
 3/29/2015 Executive Officer Meeting_3_29_15  Executive meeting minutes



Date Link Description
 1/15/2015 KDCA Constitution  KDCA Constitution – Establishes rules and regulations for executive team and Association members.
  1/15/2015 KDCA Constitution  General guidelines for Association operations
  1/15/2015 KDCA OCR – A Roadmap from Preparation to Next Steps  Lessons learned from co-founder and Association president (2014-2015) Joey Paglinawan, VP (2014-2015) Ryan Hackett and VP of Finance (2014-2015) Osama Malik’s endeavor to prepare and successfully obtain multiple offers from top consulting firms during on-campus recruiting
  1/15/2015 2015 KD Consulting Pathway  The 2015 Consulting Pathway program description and requirements
  1/15/2015 KDCA Executive Meeting Role Assignment Sheet  KDCA Executive Meeting Role Assignment Sheet v1
  1/15/2015 KDCA EMA&M Template  Template used for KDCA executive team meeting agenda and minutes
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