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Kelley Direct Consulting Association

The Kelley Direct Consulting Association (KDCA) is focused on providing members a variety of opportunities to gain, enhance, broaden, and improve knowledge of an exposure to consulting for both professional and personal uses.

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To create and foster an interconnected, engaged and empowered community of students, alumni, and professionals of the Kelley School of Business who are focused on informing, connecting, and preparing excellent candidates in the consulting industry.


  1. Expose members to a career in consulting and the opportunity to interact with consultants to broaden their knowledge base.
  2. Provide members with information about consulting and networking opportunities with students who share an interest in consulting as a career or for personal interest.
  3. Providing invaluable industry preparation in order to enter into or continue with professional consulting through activities such as case interviews, projects, and practice consulting for real companies.
  4. Provide and discuss information on consulting topics, industry trends, and careers.


To better meet our members needs, the KDCA executive team has identified the following three member segments:

  1. Information Seekers: Consists of those members who are new to consulting and are seeking to learn more about what a career in consulting offers.
  2. Career Switchers: Consists of those members who know that they want to pursue a career in consulting and desire to learn more about how they can transition into this new role.
  3. Industry Insiders: Consists of those members who are already established in a consulting role and/or who are seeking to network with current consultants.

KDCA Pillar SlideThe KDCA executive team has created several value-added offerings, catering to each member segment. We envision our member’s natural progression from Information Seekers to a successful Career Transition. We endeavor to develop a comprehensive program that will assist our members, at any stage in their current career, to experience a smooth transition.

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