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The Kelley Direct Business Analytics Association (BAA) provides opportunities for members to gain exposure to business analytics, develop key skill sets, and supplement curriculum to help members achieve their professional and personal goals.


To create and foster an interconnected, engaged and empowered community of students, alumni, and professionals of the Kelley School of Business who are focused on informing, connecting, and preparing excellent candidates in business analytics.


  1. Expose members to the diverse field of Business Analytics and the opportunity to enhance their skill set.
  2. Provide members with information about Business Analytics and networking opportunities with students who share an interest as a career or for personal interest.
  3. Provide invaluable industry preparation in order to enter into or continue with professional business analytics through activities such as projects, interview prepration, and practicing analytics for real companies.
  4. Provide and discuss information on Business Analytics topics, industry trends, and careers.

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